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With over $1,000,000,000 in lifetime generated revenue and 22 years of Digital Marketing experience Urban Merit brings enterprise level B2B, B2C, branding, and growth engineering to small and medium businesses at affordable prices,

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Our first guiding value is to make the internet a better place. Your business can help. No matter if you are a small cozy restaurant or an international luxury brand, we expand the value you bring to your market to over five billion humans.  

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Social Media

Automated, Evergreen or full engagement management, we started with Tribe, we've crushed Instagram, and know Twitter is a waste of time, but love it anyways


Over 500,000 front page search results, including, "Hammer", "Solar", "Hydroponics", "Dog Food" "Mashups". We help you make the internet a better place.


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30 days to 3 years, we can help you develop your marketing plan, from stealth mode to IPO.

Web Design​

We understand your brand before we mark the first DIV.

Content Marketing​

Content calendars, curated blogging, YouTube management, eBooks, and infographics to generate leads

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Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

Campaign Hardened

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Marketing is Marketing. We make it personal, we keep it authentic, and we love the organizations we support.

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Digital Presence

Every Business Deserves Differentiation
$ 500 One Time
  • 3 page website with lead generation
  • Hubspot CRM Implementation
  • SEO Property Collection
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Love

Digital Persistance

Automatic Systematic
$ 300 Per Month
  • 30 social posts per month
  • Automated evergreen posts
  • Reputation management
  • Monthly Strategy Reviews
  • Love

Digital Domination

Front page Results, Guaranteed ROI
$ 2000 Per Month
  • Targeted SEO Campaigns and content
  • 3 SEO Optimized blog posts per month
  • Weekly SEO and CRM reporting
  • 101% Guaranteed SEO ROI after 120 days.
  • Love

Digital Ownership

Marketing Team Strategy
$ 5000 per month
  • Virtual CMO Services
  • Build a 100% in house marketing team in under 12 months
  • Training and Upskilling Paths
  • Ongoing Strategic Guidance
  • Fire us and run!